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The natural durability of most hardwoods is perfect for timber decking applications. There is a wide selection of timber species to choose from including Spotted Gum, Black Butt, Camaru, Jambu, Malas, Pacific Jarra, Red Ironbark, Sydney Blue Gum and more. These species are all very durable and will provide a beautiful timber deck for many years to come, provided they are properly laid and well maintained.
Australia has a very unique resource in its native hardwoods and produces some of the most durable and attractive timbers available worldwide. However, we also import a number of hardwood varieties from overseas.
Every Australian home can benefit from outdoor timber decking. It makes your outdoor living space more vibrant and creates an excellent location for entertainment and relaxation. Our decking comes in a number of different styles, sizes, and finishes.
When picking timber decking, keep these things in mind:

  • Pick the timber that’s right for your home
  • choose timber that’s weather resistant to ensure longevity
  • Pick a wood treatment that makes the timber last longer
  • Consider timber with lyctid borer and termite resistance
  • Look for timber that weathers naturally and that can handle oils and stains
Decking can add real value to your home and make it much more appealing. There are so many things you can use decking for, giving you greater space in your home and the ability to host parties and outdoor events. It is the kind of space you will want to share with friends and family.
When picking decking for your home, choose the supplier that Melbourne residents trust. Rustic World Timbers has been serving the Melbourne area for many years, providing incredible results, superior customer service, and trusted advice.

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