Timber Battens & Screening Melbourne

Batten screens and vertical timber slats give you privacy for indoor spaces, helping to make them look more modern. They are ideal in residential and commercial settings.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with these timber slats and batten screening:

  • Add value to ageing buildings, immediately making them look more inviting and warmer.
  • Choose from a variety of profiles and timbers to seamlessly integrate our timber slat screens with your building.
  • Timber batten screen panels are positioned using locator chips to determine the correct height.
  • Create privacy with timber slat screens, even in public areas.

What You Can Do with Timber Screening

Timber slats can make your commercial residential space look incredible, and they are both practical and functional. Because we offer a wide range of timber batten screening profiles, you can choose one that fits your taste and that works with your current architectural design.

These internal slatted screens are for indoor use only and offer many benefits:


Make your indoor space more private without hurting the atmosphere with our slat and batten privacy screens. They are an excellent alternative to concrete walls and sheetrock that eliminate natural light or reduce a lot of the available space. Our durable, beautiful timber screen walls preserve the sanctity and nature of your space while giving you greater privacy.

Separate Space

These interior timber screen dividers help to separate employees in the office, diners in restaurants, patients in reception areas, and more. Vertical timber batten screens provide separation without having to divide off a separate room.


Reduce sunlight and heat coming into a space with our vertical timber screen wall. You make your space more attractive and comfortable without sacrificing its visual appeal.

Talk to the experts at Rustic World Timbers about how our timber screens can be used for your indoor areas and about finding the perfect screen for each application. These visually appealing screens are made from softwoods that are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.