Ironbark Sleepers 200 x 50mm

200 x 50mm hardwood sleepers in ironbark can be used for construction, flooring, decking and cladding, as well as both indoor and outdoor furniture.

  • Rough Sawn
  • Very High Natural Durability
  • Termite Resistant
  • Class 1 Above and In-Ground
  • AS 4707 Chain of Custody
  • PEFC/AFS Certified Forests
  • Meets Australian Standard AS3959
  • Suitable to Use in Bush Fire Prone Areas BAL29

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Product Description

Ironbark sleepers are a great way to beautify and bring character to a project. They are a timeless classic that have been used in Australia since the 1840s. Durable and naturally insect resistant, Ironbark sleepers from Rustic World Timbers can give any construction project a rustic, traditional look.

Made from Ironbark, a very durable hardwood, Ironbark sleepers from Rustic World Timbers have a high natural durability, making them suitable for both above and in-ground use for a variety of applications such as construction, flooring, decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture.

Uniquely Australian, Ironbark has a reddish brown colour and with its natural durability, Ironbark is an ideal choice for applications where a long lifespan is required. Ironbark sleepers also feature a rough sawn finish to provide a unique rustic look.

Eco-friendly sourcing is also a priority for Rustic World Timbers and Ironbark sleepers from Rustic World Timbers have been sourced from certified PEFC/AFS forests. In addition, each Ironbark sleeper has been chain of custody certified to meet Australian Standard AS4707, making them safe for use in Bush Fire Prone Areas BAL29.

Ironbark sleepers from Rustic World Timbers are a great way to add a rustic appeal to a project while also being durable and eco-friendly. With a variety of applications and sizes available, the Ironbark sleepers from Rustic World Timbers are sure to meet your needs.

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