Ironbark Posts 150 x 150mm

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150 x 150mm hardwood posts in ironbark can be used for shed construction, picket fencing, paling fencing, decking stumps and much more.

  • Rough Sawn
  • Very High Natural Durability
  • Termite Resistant
  • Class 1 Above and In-Ground
  • AS 4707 Chain of Custody
  • PEFC/AFS Certified Forests
  • Meets Australian Standard AS3959
  • Suitable to Use in Bush Fire Prone Areas BAL29
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Rustic World Timbers is proud to supply Ironbark Posts 150 x 150mm for any project you may have in mind. These hardwood posts are a perfect choice for outdoor and structural projects such as sheds, picket fences, paling fences, deck stumps and much more.

Not only are Ironbark Posts 150 x 150mm durable, but they are also termite resistant and can be used both in-ground and above ground. For those looking for a hardwood for bushfire prone areas, these posts meet the Australian standards, having achieved the BAL29 rating.

Ironbark has been a preferred choice of hardwood for over two hundred years, known for its unique characteristics and stunning finish. It is a species that is grown in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, and it is often used in construction, decking, and cladding.

Ironbark Posts 150 x 150mm are also easier to work with than some other species, as they are offered in a rough sawn finish. This makes them ideal for quick installations, as well as those projects that require detailed finishes.

Furthermore, the timber is PEFC/AFS Certified, in accordance with AS 4707 Chain of Custody. This ensures that customers are provided with the highest quality timber, sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Don’t let the beauty and strength of Ironbark Posts 150 x 150mm pass you by. Rustic World Timbers can provide any size of post you need, so you can create the project of your dreams with this rugged, reliable timber.