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Messmate Furniture Timber

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Messmate 150x38mm – Supplied in Pack Lots
Discover the exceptional qualities of Messmate hardwood, a native Australian timber renowned for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Originating from the diverse landscapes of Tasmania, Victoria, the tablelands of New South Wales, and southern Queensland, Messmate trees can soar to an impressive height of 90 meters, with trunks reaching up to three meters in diameter. This robust hardwood is an integral part of Australia’s natural heritage and continues to be highly sought after for various applications.

Messmate is a highly adaptable hardwood that is commonly marketed alongside mountain ash under the popular trade name Tasmanian oak. Its color palette ranges from pale browns to light yellows, often with delicate undertones of peach, creating a warm and inviting appearance. The sapwood is a lighter shade, typically pale yellow to pale brown, while the heartwood presents a slightly deeper light brown hue. This timber’s moderately coarse texture and straight, sometimes interlocking, grains showcase beautifully defined rings and common gum veins, adding to its unique character.

With moderate hardness and strength, Messmate timber is suitable for a wide array of uses, despite its low durability and susceptibility to lyctid borer attack. Its workability is one of its standout features, allowing for easy machining, gluing, and bending. This hardwood readily accepts stains, paints, and polishes, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring a high-quality finish. However, it can be challenging to treat with preservatives due to its dense structure.

Key Features and Applications
Versatility and Aesthetics

Color and Texture: Messmate timber varies from pale browns to light yellows with peachy hints. Its pale yellow to brown sapwood and light brown heartwood provide a rich, warm appearance.
Grain and Veins: The even, moderately coarse texture with straight or interlocking grains and well-defined rings, often featuring gum veins, adds to its visual appeal.

Ease of Use: Messmate is easy to machine, glue, and bend, making it suitable for a variety of woodworking projects.
Finish: This timber accepts stains, paints, and polishes well, though it may be challenging to impregnate with preservatives.

Construction and Manufacturing: Ideal for general construction, Messmate is commonly used in framing (when protected), internal flooring, paneling, and plywood.
Interior Use: Perfect for internal joinery and furniture, its warm appearance enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.
Protected External Use: While not highly durable, it can be used in protected outdoor settings, ensuring longevity with proper maintenance.
Product Specifications
Dimensions: 150×38
Supply: Available in pack lots
Messmate timber is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, aesthetically pleasing hardwood for their projects. Whether you are working on internal flooring, creating custom furniture, or engaging in general construction, Messmate provides a reliable and beautiful material to work with. Supplied in pack lots, this timber ensures you have the right amount for your project needs. Embrace the natural beauty and workability of Messmate hardwood, and bring a touch of Australian heritage to your next woodworking endeavor.