QLD Spotted Gum / Feature Grade

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Product Description

Approximately 40m2 per pack. Feature grade 130×19 end matched

Solid Queensland Spotted Gum often produces an attractive fiddle-back effect in its frequently wavy grain. This timber comes in colours ranging from pale greyish browns and soft cream to even a rich, luxurious chocolate brown.

The grain of the solid Queensland spotted gum creates a fiddleback look, with alternating straight and wavy sections. This timber can be found in a rich, dark brown as well as a grey-brown or light cream colour.

Check out our species specification section for more details about spotted gum. We provide different types of QLD spotted gum floorboards, so ask us about the available options.


Additional Information


Lineal Metre, Square Metre

Size (mm)

80×14, 80×19, 130×14, 130×19, 180×14, 180×21, 130×19


Select, Standard, Feature, Rustic, Cover

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