Red Gum Sleepers 200 x 100mm

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200 x 100mm hardwood sleepers in redgum can be used for construction, flooring, decking and cladding, as well as both indoor and outdoor furniture.

  • Rough Sawn
  • Very High Natural Durability
  • Termite Resistant
  • Class 1 Above and In-Ground
  • Hazard treatments H4
  • AS 4707 Chain of Custody
  • PEFC/AFS Certified Forests
  • Meets Australian Standard AS3959
  • Suitable to Use in Bush Fire Prone Areas BAL29
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Rustic World Timbers is proud to provide 200 x 100mm redgum sleepers to their customers. These sleepers are made from high-quality, durable hardwood, making them the perfect choice for a range of projects.

The sleepers have been rough-sawn, have a very high natural durability, and are termite resistant, making them a great option for outdoor projects. The 200 x 100mm redgum sleepers have also been treated hazard level H4, so they can be used in both above and in-ground projects, as well as in bushfire-prone areas according to Australian Standard AS3959.

All Rustic World Timber’s sleepers are certified, meaning they have been sourced from managed PEFC/AFS-certified forests. As well as being eco-friendly, this also means that the sleepers have met the high requirements of AS 4707 Chain of Custody.

The 200 x 100mm redgum sleepers can be used for all types of construction projects, including flooring, decking and cladding, as well as for both indoor and outdoor furniture. These sleepers also have a beautiful rustic look and feel, which is perfect for adding a unique touch to any project.

Rustic World Timbers provides the highest quality 200 x 100mm Redgum sleepers, which have been carefully selected and treated with the utmost attention to detail. These environmentally sustainable sleepers are suitable for a wide range of projects, and are backed by the peace of mind of PEFC/AFS certification.

For all your 200 x 100mm Redgum sleeper needs, turn to Rustic World Timbers for an unbeatable combination of durability, sustainability, and quality.