Blackbutt 140 x 45mm F27 DAR K/D

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  • Kiln-dried for maximised Stability
  • DAR (Dressed All Round)
  • Perfect for internal and enternal structural use
  • Highly Durable with a rating of Class 1 above ground
  • Janka Rating 9.1
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Suitable for use in Bush Fire Prone Areas (BAL29)
  • Australian Standard AS3959
  • Lengths Between 1.8m – 6.0m
  • Resistant to termites
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Blackbutt 140 x 45 timber is a versatile and robust wood species perfect for a myriad of applications. Blackbutt, scientifically known as Eucalyptus pilularis, is renowned for its stunning appearance, durability, and sustainability, making it a superior choice for various projects. It’s natural resilience ensures that your projects will stand the test of time, making it an excellent investment for both indoor and outdoor applications such as deckings, pergolas, frames, flooring, furniture and feature walls.

The key features of Blackbutt 140 x 45 are it’s Natural Elegance, it’s Versatility and ability to be used for various applications, Durability and resistance to decay, Sourced sustainably and Ease of maintenance. The features combine to make Blackbutt 140 x 45 the perfect choice

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