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Rustic World Timbers is Melbourne’s new and recycled timber supplier.
We sell, supply, create and build custom build timber flooring, posts, beams and more.

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Step into a world where each piece of timber tells a story, where the warmth and character of wood find new life in the hands of our dedicated craftsmen. We invite you to explore our handcrafted creations, meticulously designed to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your everyday life.

At Rustic World, we believe in the magic of sustainably sourced, FSC-certified timber. Our commitment to quality and the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in offering you a diverse range of products, from the sturdy foundations of construction to the intricate details of custom benchtops and tables.

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Latest Products

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    $777.00$1,555.00 inc GST
  • Spotted Gum Posts 125 x 125mm Rustic Grade
    $40.00$80.00 inc GST
  • Spotted Gum F14
    $42.00$300.00 inc GST

Bespoke Design

Transform the look of your home or business with bespoke recycled timber floors and other reclaimed timber products.

Recycled Timber

Using sustainable recycled timber gained from old knock-down properties and locations in Melbourne.

Custom Products

We create beautiful, custom recycled timber benchtops, flooring and timber tables that are perfect for any industry.

Our Products Range

3D Wallboards

We specialise in 3D Wallboards, offering an exciting range of textured wall panels for use in both residential and commercial projects.


We provide superior solutions that will outpace your expectations towards new flooring solutions using reclaimed and recycled timber.

Posts & Beams

We offer a wide range of sleeper posts as well as new, reclaimed and recycled timber posts available for you to choose from.

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Charred Timber Cladding, also known as Shou sugi ban or yakisugi, is a traditional Japanese wood charring technique that allows for a rustic, burnt timber look through lightly torching the exterior of wooden planks.

Shou sugi ban is beautiful, but can also be problematic. Only the charred surface of the wood gains additional rot and moisture resistance, leaving the rest of the board vulnerable. Our Ignite wallboards are thermally modified, and each grain is altered to maximize moisture resistance, resulting in durability to the core.

Rustic World Timbers are now stocking Ignite by Thermory, internal and external wall cladding and wallboards.

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Timber Supplies in Melbourne, sustainably and ethically sourced coupled with the best pricing.

We supply ethically sourced, kiln-dried hardwood timber flooring, decking, cladding, seasoned F14 structural construction posts and beams and custom timber benchtops to Melbourne residential and commercial clients who have a love for timber.

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