Cumaru Decking (Tonka) 145x21mm

These 145x21mm Cumaru Decking boards also known as “Tonka” and “Southern Spotted Hardwood”

Cumaru is an excellent choice for decking applications.

2000+ lm currently in stock

This decking is kiln dried (KD) and of a select appearance grade to ensure strength and a sleek, consistent look across the timber.

This Cumaru Timber Decking offers high durability, strength and a unique colour that is sure to add visual interest to any decked area.

  • Cumaru is naturally resistant against termites and rot, making for a long-lasting deck, even in rainy conditions
  • This timber is available to order pre oiled to save time, increase stability and added water resistance.
  • This hardwood has been kiln dried (KD) for superior strength and dimensional stability
  • The select appearance grade of this timber ensures a low level of natural marks and features, leading to a sleek, clean, and uniform appearance
  • Compared to other hardwoods, this timber experiences near-zero leaching of colour
  • Cumaru offers a stunning deep brown colour with purple-red undertones
  • This product is available in various lengths to suit projects of any size


Cumaru is the perfect timber decking to add visual interest to an outdoor area with its striking, unique colour. Bowens recommends applying a sealing treatment to help protect against insect attacks and prolong the life of this product.

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Product Description

Botanical Name: Dipteryx Odorata Other Common Names: Tonka, Cumaru, Brazilian Teak, Southern Spotted Hardwood Yellow-white sapwood and olive-brown heartwood, with fine texture and medium lustre. Very good dimensional stability and highly resistant to shock. Ideal for structural timber and flooring.  *Meets the BAL29 Australian Standard (AS 3959-2009)


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