Cypress 140×45 Wharf-Deck


 Cypress 140×45 Wharf-Deck

Sawn Face Decking.

Just a few of the benefits that can be found with  Cypress 140×35  Sawn Faced Decking

  • Set length packs available
  • Slip resistant
  • 140x45mm 4 side pencil round 
  •  Boards milled and can be pre oiled to specifically  help withstand the harsh Australian Weather Conditions.
  •  Milled in Golden Cypress
  •  Several different products and profiles available, including shiplap internal and external cladding.
  •  Milled from sustainable materials.


Cypress 140×45 mm Sawn Face Decking

$18.25 per lineal metre

Minimum 200 lm orders apply.

Wholesale rates apply on Pack lots / set lengths available

$18.25 per metre

$18.25 inc GST


Product Description

Wharf-Deck Solutions

Cypress 140×45 Wharf-Deck

For all your decking needs, we offer the ideal solution. Our sustainable Golden Cypress timber is perfect for boardwalks, residential or commercial decks, and wharf-style decks, providing a beautiful, naturally long-lasting, and adaptable option. With its intrinsic beauty (shining and golden like Kauri wood), Golden Cypress reclaimed timber decking is your natural choice.


Advantages of Choosing Golden Cypress Decking

  • A truly eco-friendly alternative to other decking materials.
  • Inherently strong with minimal shrinkage.
  • Resistant to termites naturally, accompanied by a pleasant, slightly spicy scent.
  • Free from chemicals – a stark contrast to the treated pine’s toxins. Also, free from failing glues.
  • Our Wharf-Deck is rated structurally at F7, allowing for reduced sub-structure requirements.


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