Thermory® Ignite

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Thermory® Ignite mimics the beautiful, traditional look of Shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification. Our process is deceptively flame-free, creating boards that only look charred. Ignite cladding is created from thermally modified spruce and brings the bold look of burned wood to your walls, without any risk of messy residue and not a flame to be found. Ignite cladding is durable, stable and long-lasting cladding for those who want their walls to truly stand out.

  • Application: Cladding
  • Use: Exterior, Interior
  • Species: Thermally Modified Spruce
  • Thermo Spruce C24 Cladding
  • Colour:  Black
  • Finish: Painted
  • Texture: Brushed, Embossed
  • Installation type: Visible
  • Profile: C24
  • Installation methods: Screw
  • Durability class: 1
  • (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)
  • Thermo-treated Spruce cladding boards
  • 140mm x 20mm section (132mm face)
  • Tongue & groove profile
  • Cut from Picea Abies Spruce timber
  • From the Thermory® Rebel Collection
  • Eco-friendly
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Thermory® Ignite

An ancient cladding tradition with reliably modern performance

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Hundreds of years ago, Japanese woodworkers discovered that they could prolong the life of wood by charring the exposed surface. This process, called shou sugi ban, created enviable, stunning results that are still highly in demand today.

Traditional shou sugi ban is beautiful, but using it can be problematic. Most shou sugi ban leaves only the charred surface resistant to rot. Ignite provides the look of shou sugi ban, with durability all the way to the core. And unlike charred wood, Ignite has no
messy residue.

Ignite by Thermory offers the shockingly realistic look of charred wood, without the flames.

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IGNITE by THERMORY mimics the traditional look of shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification.

  • Stained, brushed and embossed to recreate the texture of charred wood without the mess and residue
  • Thermally modified to create consistent rot resistance to the core
  • High level of dimensional stability
  • Highly controlled process ensures reliable results every time

Thermory Ignite Brochure

Get The Look. Ditch The Torch.

Ignite by Thermory creates its signature pattern by embossing, brushing and coating thermally modified wood. Unlike modern shou sugi ban, which is often created by hand with a torch, Ignite is created with a deceptively flame-free process.