Equisol Colour Tones

Equisol Colour Tones provides a distinct range of architect colour choices that can be bought and added separately instead of pre-coloured cans. The Equisol Colour Tones use micro-fine pigments to ensure even and consistent colouring. These colour tones can be mixed with Equisol Pro E365 oil by hand and help to maintain the natural timber colour, delay silvering, and retain a natural look for a longer duration.

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Equisol Colour Tones is designed to help you achieve a signature matt look on your timber. To use it, mix it by hand and apply it to create the desired colour. It’s important to note that the Colour Tones come in a 180ml size for every 5 litres of Equisol Pro E365. However, it’s worth remembering that the natural colour of timbers can vary significantly, altering your final colour. If you’re unsure about the outcome, we recommend doing a small test on a similarly coloured piece to ensure you get the desired result.

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Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Medium Brown, Pale Brown, Red Brown

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