Kleiberit 303 Adhesive PVA

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Kleiberit 303 Adhesive PVA Glue is a German-made, water-resistant, white adhesive designed for professional-level bonding. It offers high bond strength even with exotic hardwoods, and is available in one- and two-component systems. With a Type 2 bond quality and the addition of the Kleiberit Turbo-Hardener 303.5, a Type 1 bond quality is achieved. It meets the requirements of Watt 91 and is available in 10kg, 5kg and 500g bottles, making it ideal for applications such as window, door, and stair bonding.


  • Bonding of windows and doors
  • Surface bonding of partitions and parts
  • Bonding of hard and exotic timbers
  • Bonding of laminates
  • Bonding of tenon and finger-joints
  • High-frequency, (20,000kHz), bonding
  • Partition construction
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Kleiberit 303 is the German-made, water-resistant, white PVA glue used for professional-level bonding. It is capable of very high bond strength, even with hard and exotic timbers. Kleiberit 303 as a one-component glue yields a Type 2 (EN 204 D3) bond quality 91 with 5% KLEIBERIT Turbo-Hardener 303.5 it is a two-component system having a Type 1 (EN 204 D4) bond quality.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Single-component glue requires no mixing
  • Two-component glue for demanding tasks
  • Suitable for hot and cold bonding
  • Short press times

Important Information

  • Kleiberit 303 is a one-component glue that yields a Type 2 (EN 204 D3) bond quality.
  • Add a 5% Kleiberit Turbo-Hardener 303.5 to achieve a two-component system with a Type 1 (EN 204 D4) bond quality.
  • Meets the requirements of Watt 91.

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Kleiberit 303 is also available in 10kg, 5kg and handy 500g bottles, this is the ideal glue for bonding windows, doors and stairs as well as many other applications.