Spotted Gum Shiplap

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Spotted Gum Shiplap
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Discover the timeless beauty and exceptional durability of Spotted Gum Shiplap, a premier Australian native hardwood available in convenient board sizes of 80 x 14 and 122 x 14. Renowned among architects and designers worldwide, Spotted Gum boasts a distinctive back-sawn grain structure, adorned with captivating markings and a vibrant colour spectrum.

Native to the eastern coast of Australia, Spotted Gum Shiplap encompasses four distinct species, spanning from northeast Victoria to Queensland’s northern tablelands, with sporadic growth in southern Queensland’s western regions. These species feature slender trunks and exhibit a unique spotted bark pattern, contributing to their singular aesthetic appeal.

The heartwood of Spotted Gum ranges from light brown to deep red-brown tones, complemented by sapwood that typically presents in shades of white to light brown. Its notable wavy grain occasionally produces an appealing fiddle-back figure. The timber’s natural oils impart a slightly greasy texture, facilitating ease of machining and boring. Notably, Spotted Gum boards exceeding 18mm in thickness do not necessitate fire retardant treatment for construction in bush-fire prone areas, enhancing its versatility in structural applications.

Spotted Gum V Join finds extensive use in diverse construction and engineering projects, including wharfs, bridges, railway sleepers, cross-arms, and mining timbers. It proves equally suitable for building applications such as posts, poles, framing, flooring, lining, decking, and cladding. Beyond construction, Spotted Gum is sought after in veneer and plywood production, as well as for crafting boat components, tool handles, polo sticks, and diving boards. Notably low in tannin bleed-through, Spotted Gum minimizes staining, distinguishing it among Australian hardwoods. Its excellent carving and woodturning properties further underscore its versatility.

Embrace the enduring appeal and robust character of Spotted Gum Shiplap is a timber of choice for discerning projects where strength, aesthetics, and longevity converge seamlessly.