Thermory® Drift Black Pearl Cladding

Thermory Drift Black Pearl gives your walls the stunning look of reclaimed wood without the unknowns. Reclaimed wood is beautiful but risky and often difficult to find. Get the same look, with the added benefits that come from Thermory.

  • Application: Cladding
  • Use: Interior
  • Species: Thermally Modified Spruce
  • Finish: Painted
  • Texture: Brushed
  • Installation type: Visible
  • Profile: C26 Shiplap 169mm Cover
  • Installation methods: Screw
  • Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)
  • Thermo-treated Spruce cladding boards
  • 186mm x 19mm section (169mm face)
  • Tongue & groove profile
  • Cut from Picea Abies Spruce timber
  • From the Thermory® Rebel Collection
  • Eco-friendly

Thermory’s Drift Series is characterised by wall panels with a gently worn appearance that gives the look of reclaimed wood without compromising on durability. Just like all of our materials, this wood is extremely stable and durable.

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Product Description

Sophistication: Untamed

Thermory Drift Black Pearl Grand Emily Hotel Lobby in Ukraine YOD Group Photo Yevhenii Avramenko

You want to be a boundary-pusher – a free-thinker who dreams big and leaves behind a legacy others only dream of.

You want to break the mould. You didn’t work this hard to tread softly on well-worn paths. You want to tear up the map and fiercely follow your passions.

Let’s be the disrupters. Let’s be unafraid to make some waves.

This is for those of us who know that fortune favours the bold. Who knows that when it comes to forging success, luck has nothing to do with it

Untame your aesthetic.

Thermory Drift Black Pearl Grand Emily Hotel Lobby in Ukraine YOD Group Photo Yevhenii Avramenko 1920x1280 1

Patience may be a virtue, but passion can make you restless. Drift gives you a headstart on getting the rustic, silver finish you’d otherwise have to wait years to achieve. Because you know what? Sometimes virtue is overrated.

Driven by innovation.

Thermory harbours a deep desire to create innovative solutions that offer unrivalled
efficiency and beauty in wood.

Our Rebel Series brings this desire to life. Drift was released at the international Thermory 20th-anniversary event in 2017.

But we’re not stopping here. What’s next for the Thermory and the Rebel Series? You’ll have to wait and see.

Additional Information

Size (mm)

186 x 20


5.1, 5.4


Lineal Metre (lm), Square Metre (m2)

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