Wormy Chestnut 150 X 38

$21.25 inc GST

Wormy Chestnut 150 X 38 Priced from $21.25 per lineal metre for pack lots of approximately 130 lm per pack with a very nice range of lengths from 1.0 -5.4’s and everything in between.

Small order rate $27.55 per lm

Stand out from the rest while this material lasts. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

All logging in Victoria is finishing up now. The remaining material will not last long.

Enquire now for broken pack rates or multiple pack buys.

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Wormy Chestnut 150 X 38 with its distinctive and charming appearance, brings a touch of rustic elegance to your living spaces. The name “wormy” reflects the timber’s unique character, marked by wormholes and distinctive grain patterns, which add to its natural beauty. Crafted with an artistic eye and a respect for nature, our Wormy Chestnut 150 X 38 furniture timber embodies a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics.

This timber variety lends itself perfectly to the creation of furniture that exudes character and warmth, making it a fantastic choice for a range of interior design styles. Whether you’re looking to craft a rustic farmhouse dining table, a vintage-inspired chest of drawers, or a classic coffee table, Wormy Chestnut’s rich, earthy tones and distinctive markings create an inviting, cozy ambiance that truly stands out.

The history embedded in each piece of Wormy Chestnut 150 X 38 timber tells a unique story, as this wood has been reclaimed from old structures, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. As you explore the possibilities of Wormy Chestnut furniture timber, you’ll discover the perfect balance between nature’s rugged allure and the finesse of fine craftsmanship. Elevate your living space with the rustic elegance of Wormy Chestnut, where every piece tells a story of timeless charm and natural beauty.