Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel White

Revitalise your sauna or wet area with the Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel in White, boasting a contemporary ribbed design that effortlessly complements flat or batten profiles, achieving a sleek and modern ambience. The SRP profile creates a distinctive ribbed surface, offering versatility as it seamlessly pairs with various profiles to accentuate highlighted areas.

  • Application: Wall panels
  • Use: Interior
  • Species: Aspen
  • Thermal Modification: Medium


  • Real Wood Products
  • Sustainable
  • Quality Materials
  • Smooth Finish
  • Thermory Endless Combinations
  • Thermory Eco-Friendly Process

Elevate your interior with these attractive coloured wall panels, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional enhancement to your living spaces.

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Product Description

Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel White

Introducing the Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel in White – a transformative solution poised to redefine the aesthetics of your interior spaces. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this innovative wall panel effortlessly marries contemporary design with functional versatility, offering a unique ribbed surface that captivates the eye and stimulates the senses.

The SRP profile of these interior wall panels introduces a distinctive ribbed texture, providing a modern and sophisticated backdrop that sets the stage for creative design expressions. What makes these panels truly exceptional is their seamless compatibility with both flat and batten profiles. This feature opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing you to play with contrasting elements and showcase specific areas in your space.

These attractive coloured wall panels don’t just serve as a backdrop; they become a canvas for your imagination. Transform your interiors by using the SRP profile as a standalone feature, or experiment with combinations of flat and broad profiles to add depth and texture. The result is an accent wall that doesn’t just decorate but tells a story – a focal point that commands attention without overpowering the entire room.

However, the versatility of the Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel extends beyond traditional interiors. Imagine the possibilities in contemporary homes and offices where slatted wood is used as interior wall panelling, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. This is more than wall covering; it’s an exploration of dimension and texture that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your living spaces.

For those looking to redefine the ambience of their sauna or wet area, the Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel in White stands as a beacon of style. Its contemporary ribbed design seamlessly pairs with flat or batten profiles, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that transforms these spaces into retreats of luxury and tranquillity.

In a world where every detail matters, make your walls count with the Thermory® Thermo Aspen SRP Wall Panel in White. Unleash your creativity, redefine your interiors, and let your walls become a testament to the perfect blend of style and functionality. After all, a room may have four walls, but with Thermory, at least one of them will be unforgettable.

Additional Information

Size (mm)

82 x 15


2.7, 3.0


Lineal Metre (lm), Square Metre (m2)




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