Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP

Elevate your sauna experience with our Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP-profiled interior cladding boards, meticulously designed to impart a distinctive ribbed surface to your sauna walls. These boards seamlessly complement other flat and broad profiles, allowing you to accentuate specific areas with finesse.

  • Application: Wall panels
  • Use: Interior
  • Species: Aspen
  • Thermal Modification: Medium


  • Real Wood Products
  • Sustainable
  • Quality Materials
  • Smooth Finish
  • Thermory Endless Combinations
  • Thermory Eco-Friendly Process

Immerse yourself in the warm ambience of our thermally modified aspen, boasting an enchanting golden brown hue that adds a touch of sophistication to your sauna’s aesthetic.

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Product Description

Introducing Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP Cladding

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Introducing the Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP Cladding – a sophisticated choice for elevating the aesthetic of your sauna walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and internal walls in wet areas throughout your home. Crafted with precision and design versatility in mind, this wall panel brings a statement ribbed surface to your spaces, creating a unique and modern look.

Designed specifically for modern cladding in saunas and interior wet areas, this cladding can be installed both vertically and horizontally, offering flexibility in achieving the perfect internal wall design. The European Aspen utilized in this product ensures a resin-free and splinter-free experience, providing not only visual appeal but also tactile comfort.

In a captivating golden brown colour with a raw finish, this cladding is an ideal canvas for painting or staining, allowing you to customize and enhance the visual impact according to your preferences. The feature ribbed panelling adds a distinctive touch, creating a unique ambience in your space.

The medium thermally modified wood used in this product reduces moisture content, enhancing durability and stability. Moreover, this sustainable product is crafted from 100% real timber, sourced from carefully inspected and harvested sustainably managed forests.

With end-matched boards to minimize waste and ensure a neat finish, and tongue and groove edges for easy installation, the Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP Cladding stands out as a hassle-free, user-friendly choice. Its heat-resistant properties make it suitable for various applications, including saunas, bathrooms, and kitchens.

This premium Aspen timber with a raw finish not only offers a timeless and natural appeal but also undergoes thermo treatment for increased durability and resistance against decay and insects. Ideal for enhancing interior spaces, including walls, ceilings, and furniture, this cladding contributes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with the Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen SRP Cladding – a reliable, eco-friendly, and visually stunning solution for your interior cladding needs.

Additional Information

Size (mm)

82 x 15


2.7, 3.0


Lineal Metre (lm), Square Metre (m2)




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