Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP

Transform your sauna space with Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP interior wall panels, designed to craft a distinctive angular sauna wall featuring broad grooves. Elevate the aesthetic by seamlessly combining these panels with other profiles for a truly striking and customized effect. Redefine your sauna experience with the unparalleled versatility and style offered by Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP interior wall panels.

  • Application: Wall panels, Sauna materials
  • Use: Interior
  • Species: Aspen
  • Thermal Modification: Medium


  • Real Wood Products
  • Sustainable
  • Quality Materials
  • Smooth Finish
  • Thermory Endless Combinations
  • Thermory Eco-Friendly Process

The visually appealing hue of thermally modified aspen boasts a captivating golden brown shade.

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Product Description

Introducing Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP Wood Cladding

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Elevate your sauna experience with the exceptional design and quality of Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP Sauna Wood Cladding. Crafted with precision, this sauna wood cladding is a unique choice for creating striking walls or serving as an individual feature wall. The easy-to-install tongue and groove system also makes it a versatile option for various interior finishes.

Innovative Design for Stunning Interiors: At the core of the STEP panel lies its innovative design, expertly crafted to shape angular walls with broad grooves. The architectural depth of the panel transforms interiors, creating a visually spectacular space. The true charm of the STEP panel is revealed when paired with other profiles, allowing for the creation of intricate patterns that play with light and shadow, achieving an artistic balance that is both functional and visually captivating.

Aspen – The Essence of Quality and Beauty: Made from the cherished European wood, Aspen, this design marvel embodies the qualities that make it an unparalleled choice. Aspen is celebrated for its resin-free constitution, ensuring a sauna experience free from splinters and overheating. Its naturally light tone creates a serene backdrop, making spaces feel airy and expansive. The soft and amenable texture of Aspen ensures that each panel is not only visually appealing but also perfect for painting, offering adaptability to any design palette.

Thermo-Aspen for a Deeper, Luxurious Shade: For connoisseurs seeking a deeper, more evocative shade, the STEP Thermo-Aspen variant beckons. Enhanced through a specialized thermal process, Thermo-Aspen presents a richer, more intense shade, adding a touch of depth and luxury to the design narrative.

Key Product Information:

  • Thickness: 27mm
  • Width: 64mm
  • Effective Width: 56mm
  • Package Size: 4 pcs (4 cladding panels in one pack)

Quality Assurance and Wastage Allowance: Our Thermo Aspen Sauna Timber is of A-grade quality, characterized by durability, knot-free composition, and a low risk of splintering. To account for any potential damage during transportation and to ensure a seamless installation, we recommend a wastage allowance of 15%.

Shipping Information: Shipping costs may vary based on the size and quantity of your order, and we offer a palletized shipping service for larger timber products. Please review our Shipping and Delivery Information for a comprehensive understanding of costs and logistics.

Elevate your sauna space with the timeless appeal and superior quality of Thermory® Raw Thermo Aspen STEP Sauna Wood Cladding. Redefine luxury and functionality in every sauna experience.

Additional Information

Size (mm)

64 x 27


2.7, 3.0


Lineal Metre (lm), Square Metre (m2)




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